Staff Positions

Staff Members make up a small department that specifically answer to the Governor of Nevada. These people are in charge of facilitating all the interactions that engage the governor.

Chief of staff

The Chief of Staff is in charge of managing the efficiency of the Governor's staff members. The primary focuses are:

  1. Ensure everyone knows what they're doing and are working with optimal efficiency.
  2. Gauge individual workloads and establish job proposals 

Senior Advisor

The Senior Advisor is in charge of:

  1. Proactively engaging every element within the Governorship.
    1. Find red flags.
    2. Find opportunities to connect the government to The People.
    3. Declare units within government which are/have become obsolete.
  2. Maximize economic productivity.
    1. Automate industries
    2. Financially educating the populous
    3. Oversee Incubation Commission
      1. Develop industries
      2. Energize business growth.
      3. Encourage entrepreneurial spirit by offering opportunity.

Communications Director

The Communications Director is in charge of facilitating and prioritizing messages both inbound and outbound at the Governor's Office. Under Bundy's governorship, this Director will be overseeing emails, phone calls, and social media. He/She will manage a group of administrators who moderate the social channels while coordinating with the Director of the Division of Information Technology (within the Department of Administration) to ensure all technological plugins and web platforms in development are synced into the Governor's Office (and entire Nevada State Government Organization).

Policy Analyst

A Policy Analyst is in charge of:

  1. Restoring the Constitution.
  2. Simplifying laws so they serve The People of Nevada.
  3. Once actions are taken on laws, Policy Analysts are in charge of auditing the results of those law changes
    1. Requires collaboration with the Division of Information Technology to develop simplified visuals.

This job requires broad comprehension across all documents which rule over The Nevada People. 

Body Guard Security

A Body Guard is in charge of providing a lifeline of security to executive members of government who have a publicly acceptable reason for conspiracy their life could be in danger. They're job is to prepare for, and defend that public servant.