Bundy's campaign manager, Cardiff (aka Crypto Cardiff) has been making revolutionary anthem music for many years now. While all of it is rap music (with a message), it may not be to everyone's taste. So this page is dedicated to Bundy, Cardiff, and the entire campaign team displaying their top picks as anthem songs to represent the "Bundy for Governor" election campaign.

We hope you enjoy! :D 


Bundy's top pick - song title by artist

"Now Cardiff, I'm not so sure I trust you leading off with some rap song on my campaign website. You're lucky I even let you host music here. That being said, I trust you. We both know I couldn't do this without your divine appearance and leadership during a time when I had all but given up hope. So before you show The People of Nevada what you got, I'd like to set the mood with a personal country favorite: song title by the [incredible/lovely] artist."
 - Ryan Bundy

Cardiff's top pick - underground resistance by cardiff

"Now Bundy, I know your first reaction when hearing the word 'rap' will have you wincing so your left side matches the right, but I also you don't know rap the way I know it. The 'radio rap' which has permeated pop culture is an overwhelming disgrace to its humble origins. Rap music is supposed to be about spreading truth, pursuing freedom, and overcoming suppression. Can you relate to that?"
 - Cardiff Gerhardt

"Well I sure can.."
Ryan Bundy - 

"Yeah I thought so! This song here is for the independent underdog and oppressed citizens who are fed up with power abused by the globalist federation. It's never been given a formal release, so I present it here on this semi-public stage as my gift to you. Welcome, to the Underground Resistance."
- Cardiff Gerhardt

bundy's pick - song title by artist

"Well shoot me a bullseye, son. That was spot on! Now, before I let you spit fire through the tumbleweeds and let this get outta hand, I'm gonna have [artist] dowse the flames and serenade the dames. You better be careful with those lyrics. You might get too many into an uproar which could get a few people hurt. I'm all for expressing freedom and liberty, which is why ...
 - Ryan Bundy

cardiff's pick - 

"I think I see where you're going with this...