Mission Statement

“To deploy all government resources possible to make Nevada Great again by restoring Constitutional Law and reestablishing liberty AND justice FOR ALL”.

Nevada has a judicial system that works well for those in power but it is a very broken system for the rest of us. For example, 80% of our people in our “for profit” prison system have not committed an actual crime. Lawlessness by judges gets addressed in only 0.001% of the cases. All public servants are required to swear an oath to uphold the Constitution but many have no clear understanding of it and many of them have no idea what the Constitution says. Our courts are owned and run by a privately owned for profit corporation, they are not owned by We the People. We MUST restore Constitutional due process of law immediately.

Government was originally designed to represent and serve The People; but, now it serves only itself. Government was originally designed to be controlled by the people; but, now it controls and abusively rules over the people. Government should be simple, honest, transparent, and just. None of those characteristics exist within government today and it's degrading the quality of our lives and the potential of our humanity. Whether you realize it or not, we are all victims of enslavement, oppression, and suppression by our local and federal government.

It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to steer Nevada back into the right direction. When I become the Nevada Governor, I will put the people back into their rightful place as the overseers of the government. I will remove the bureaucracy which shackles our entire system. I will purge the Governor's Cabinet and place, in each department, great leaders who are transparent and accessible to the People. The checks and balances will be set right so secrecy, darkness, and deception no longer has any place within our government. I have solutions to fix the corruption and injustices that exist within Nevada’s government today.

Please visit the issue page on this website where I cover some of the more pressing issues that need to be addressed first.

Ryan C Bundy