Department Simplicity


The Bundy Team visited the Secretary of State Office in Carson City early August, 2018. When discussing the complications of data and platforms, we learned that there were Divisions of Information Technology within various departments (like SoS, DoA, and DoPS).

So if each Department has their own tech team, what's the point of having a tech department?!

Action Plan

Audit each department under the supervision of the Governor and remove all unnecessary divisions, commissions, boards, jobs, action plans, etc.

Remove duplicate entities. Consolidate divisions within departments to obtain uniform structure, simplicity, and easier transparency.

Platform Simplicity


The current structure of our government websites (starting with nv.gov) is an embarrassing atrocity. It's wordy, cluttered, and navigationally complicated! It’s obviously designed to be complicated on purpose and difficult with reason.

This darkness within government information needs to end. It’s time The People knows what every member of their government is up to. It’s time they access their government officials within the week, every week.

Action Plan

Evaluate and restructure/replace Nevada’s websites, accounts, and platforms. Publicize each one with a brief video overview so The People know what their taxes are going towards.

Grant every public official a laptop.

Establish mandatory scheduling automation accounts for every government official so that The People of Nevada can contact their public officials without any 3rd party (secretaries, assistants, emails, and voicemail) to slow down communication and degrade quality of establishing a meeting with any and all government official.

Trending Issues Debate


Fake news and controlled mainstream media are impossible to ignore. Level headed, fair, and open discussions have been hijacked by an oligopoly of media corporations who continually spew propaganda at The American People. We have had enough and it’s time The People of Nevada received a calm forum which follows strict rules to allow narratives to get our without manipulated and biased narratives hogging center stage.

Action Plan

Develop a profile on popular ideas forum, Consider.it.

All top issues will broadcast statewide on TV, Radio, and Internet.

Top PRO and CON comments will be addressed.


The Bundy Team is hard at work developing the Governor's Action Plan. Our mission is to bring more progress to Nevada than the best 3 in our history combined! All donors who contribute the donation maximum of $10,000 will be sent commentators access to the entire list to collaborate, enjoy, and research. We look forward to discussing difficult issues with the bright allies.