“Innocent until proven guilty” is the proper structure of our legal system. It prevents innocent People from wrongful imprisonment without due process. Sadly, that is not being implemented. I have firsthand experience of the terrible injustice being carried out by our executive branch. Our legal system is operating on “guilty until proven innocent” and this is unconscionable.

The Governor is charged with enforcing the law and protecting the rights of the People by enforcing good practices within our legal system. However, that duty has been long ignored by our previous State Governors. Many people are in jail as they wait for their trial to determine whether they’re guilty or not. It’s unfair, unjust, and unpatriotic! Something must be done!

INtroduction (continued)

We the People are free indeed. Freedom includes the right to chose for ourselves what we will do. We are free to do what we want so long as we do not harm or do damage to any others rights, as long as we do no harm to others lives, liberties, or property. A criminal is one who does not respect the rights of others and has done harm to others. A true crime includes a perpetrator who violates the rights of others and does harm to others.

Where there is no harm done, and none was intended, there is NO crime.


Action Plan

All inmates currently residing within any prison or jail in Nevada, who have not been CONVICTED of any crime, will once again enjoy their right to freedom and liberty AND enjoy a fair AND speedy trial by a jury of their peers. They shall be considered and treated innocent until they are found guilty beyond any reasonable doubt that they are in fact guilty of a true crime.

Anyone who has previously been wrongfully convicted of a crime, where there was no damage or harm done, will be eligible for a pardon. A team of qualified Constitutional Advisors will assist me in investigating and identifying those men and women wrongfully convicted.



Prisons are operated by corporations which are incentivized to incarcerate as many people as possible. The problem here is that it’s a measure of quantity, not quality. To add insult to injury, the largest portion of income prisons receive comes from the government, which means The Taxpayers. That has got to stop! Only the Governor can make such structural changes.

The prison industrial complex is enslaving men and women and forcing them into involuntary servitude. Unbeknownst to most Americans slavery is alive and well in America and it is legal as punishment for a crime if the person being made a slave has been duly convicted of a crime. Please refer to the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. This is the bases for the vast industry that criminalizes so many acts that are not true crime. This allows law enforcers, bondsmen, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, court staff, judges, jailers, prison staff, marshals, pretrial detention services, post conviction program services, halfway houses, and many others to live off the inmates they place into involuntary servitude/prison.

Introduction (continued)

The men and women serving as slaves to the prison industrial complex are not worked hard on plantations like the slaves of American past, but they are still enslaved. If they are not able to serve themselves or their families then they are serving someone else. If prisons are making profit from their stay at their facility then they are in involuntary servitude to that facility.

Moneys paid to all those listed above comes from money extracted from the people by taxation. Thus there is a swarm of officers eating out our sustenance from the hard earned rewards or our labor. This makes the People slaves as well.

Because of the many officers who are employed and are paid billions of dollars that flow through the prison industry, they all are incentivized to arrest, prosecute, convict, imprison, and enroll in programs as many people that they can. This keeps the industry feed.

Action Plan

All subsidies to for-profit prisons will be removed.

The true definition of Crime will be established to include the elements of intent to harm and actual harm must be inflicted upon an actual living victim, or their property, before any action of an individual can be considered crime. Where there is no harm, injury or loss there is no crime. Where there is not a victim there is not a crime. Nevada will discontinue prosecuting victimless crimes.

REDESIGN inmate Re-form


When true crime is committed, meaning that there is someone who has created harm, injury or loss of another by causing actual damage to a victims life, liberty, or property, the criminal must be immediately stopped from causing further damage and must be re-formed. This means that during their formative years they were not successfully taught how to honor others and their property. This can be taught at any point in life, and that re-forming is a necessity.

Repeat offenders are a primary sign of rehabilitation failure. Criminals who are not properly re-formed will often revert back to their wicked ways. The responsibility for improving this trend ultimately ends with the governor, for the governor appoints the Director of the Department of Corrections who oversees the State prison system.

Re-form within prisons are essential to maintaining a clean, pure, and just society. If ethics and morals are taught well through the prison system, then The People with criminal records will cease committing crimes. Aside from administering justice for the crimes committed, the government is also responsible for ensuring each inmate is given confidence, encouragement, and knowledge to enter society a better man or woman than when he/she was imprisoned, capable of making a positive impact in the world.

Action Plan

Allow all inmates access to educational material which teach:

  • Craftsmanship

  • Finances

  • Leadership

  • Networking

  • Tradesmanship

An open forum will be developed to engage The People of Nevada around which curriculum and topics should be introduced. The Director of the Department of Corrections will collaborate with the Director of the Department of Education to enforce these changes in educational material.