the foundational stone of all human rights


The First and most important right of a man or woman is the right of self determination. To determine one’s own Status, Standing, Jurisdiction and Religious Beliefs.

Action Plan

To pass legislation to acknowledge this right as it is already lawful. This must be exercised in all judicial arenas.



No one has a greater right than a Father or Mother in the decisions of their children. The state should assist parents with help they NEED and WANT in accordance with the will of the parents and in the best interest of the of the child. The state should not to remove the Child from the home unless extremely necessary and only then first to another family member chosen by the parents. Any removal shall be short term until parents become ABLE. The state shall hold in high regards, at all times, the parents belief’s and religious faith.

Action Plan

To pass legislation to acknowledge and enforce this right as it is already lawful and to educate and direct officers and agents in the performance of their duties.



The state is unjustly enriched by telling private property owners what they can or cannot do on their own private property. The state forces private property owners to apply for permission to do what needs to be done to maintain or improve their property. All of this demanding owners to apply for privileges, of course, comes with a hefty fee.

Action Plan

The state shall have no say over what you can or cannot do on your own private property. The state shall not force private property owners to apply for permission to do what needs to be done to maintain or improve your property. There shall be no seizure of property without just compensation.



Our founding fathers lived through very tyrannical experiences. They became wise because of those experiences. As they formed the foundation of the Union they established the means so that future generations of American people would not have to go through the same tyrannical experiences as they suffered. To ensure such security of a free State they recognized that a militia is essential to this security.

So let’s talk about the 2nd Amendment “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

First I will define Militia. In the United States Code, Militia is defined as “Every able bodied man, between the age of 17 and 45.” In Nevada it is 17 and 65. Women are also accepted if they choose. And there are a few exceptions for particular people to not be a part of the Militia, but generally if you’re a man in America between those ages you ARE part of the militia, period.

The United States Code goes on to define that the Militia is categorized into two parts, 1) the organized Militia, which consists of the National Guard and Naval Reserves and 2) the unorganized Militia, which consist of all those Militia members who are not members of the National Guard or Navel reserves. 

So the Militia is quite vast. It is We The People, most particularly the men, who are inherently responsible for the protection, freedom and welfare of their wives and children. Our founding fathers recognized this and knew that these men, the militia and the people, must have the necessary right to keep and bear arms to provide proper security for themselves, their families AND their State.

The Constitution is a short and concise document, yet it addresses Militia at four locations within it. The first is in Article I, section 8, clause 15 whereby We The People grant the Congress authority to “call forth the Militia”. This is interesting language. We did not give Congress power or authority to create militia but only to call it forth. If they are to call it forth it is obvious that the Militia must already exist to be able to be called forth.     

The next location is Article I, section 8, clause 16 whereby we grant Congress authority to “provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia and for governing such PART of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States,”.  We did not grant Congress power over the entire Militia, only that part of them that are in actual service to the United States.  This also expresses that the Militia exist prior to Congress having any authority over them and that Congress does not have power over the whole Militia.

Introduction (continued)

The next place is in Article II, section 2, clause 1 We The People grant the President power to be the “Commander in Chief of ... the Militia of the several States, when called into actual service of the United States”.  “Of” means deriving from, or belonging to. So in this clause we can see that the Militia derives from or belongs to the several States rather than to the United States and the President is not always their Commander in Chief. He is their Commander in Chief only when they are in actual service of the United States, which is obviously a temporary situation.

So it is clear that the Militia exists, it is the body of the People, particularly able bodied men. It exists prior to and separate from any government. The organized portions of the militia belong to the States and may be called up in service of the Union of States when there is a legitimate need.

The last place militia is addressed is in the 2nd Amendment wherein our Founding Fathers particularly and squarely informed all that the Militia is necessary to the security of a free State and they plainly prohibited congress from infringing upon the right of the People to keep and to bear arms, for the protection, freedom and security of all our rights. They knew that the People must have the necessary means to resist tyrannical governments, wither it be a foreign government or their own, they must have the means to defend their lives, liberties and properties if necessary.

A beautiful and proper use of the 2nd amendment took place at Bunkerville Nevada on April 12, 2014 When unconstitutional federal agencies attacked the Bundy Ranch with paramilitary style forces consisting of two hundred armed men; 150 vehicles; 5 helicopters; MRAPs; snipers; high elevation surveillance drones; agent provocateurs; confidential informants; operational plans; and many other military type equipment; man power; and technology’s, intending to destroy the Bundy Ranch and either kill or imprison Cliven Bundy and his family. After the Nevada State and Clark County Elected officials refused to enforce and defend the Bundy’s rights against the abusive federal agencies, People from many States came to support the Bundy family in defense of their lives, liberties and properties. This Militia of People included some who were armed and some who were not. Because of their sheer numbers and greatly because of those who bore arms the perpetrators were obliged to abandoned their design.  

Like our founding fathers I have experienced the tyranny of oppressive government. Because of these experiences I too have gained wisdom. As governor I will ensure that all Nevada People individually will have the right to keep and to bear arms without infringement so that they will be able to properly secure their own and the states freedom in Nevada. I will be able to do this with greater intent than other candidates running for this office.

Action Plan

As Governor I will swear an oath to honor and uphold the Constitution for the United States of America. This means I will be obligated to uphold the right of the People to keep and bear arms from any infringement of any source as dictated by the 2nd Amendment. I will use the executive power delegated to the Governor to execute the supreme law of the land by nullifying state and federal laws that interfere or contradict our Constitution.



All peoples may, for their own ends, freely keep or dispose of their natural wealth and resources without prejudice to any obligations arising out of interstate or international economic co-operation. This shall be based upon the principle of mutual benefit, and in the best regards of this State, these united States and international treaties known as supreme law. In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence.

Action Plan

Work to strengthen this throughout Nevada.



Every one of We the People have the unlimited right to contract or to not contract with each other. This right is recognized in the Constitution for The United States of America. A State does not have authority to hijack a right, belonging to the People, by declaring it a privilege and then selling it back to those who submit to their requirements.

Licensing and permits are nothing more than government permissions to do something that is otherwise made illegal by law. The problem is who gives government the authority to make our right to contract illegal to begin with? We certainly did not.

Action Plan

Remove government licensing and permitting. Recognize the right of the People to contract and do business with one another without government interference.



God created the Earth and all things that in it are. He also created mankind and gave Adam and Eve dominion over the Earth. He commanded them to multiply and replenish the Earth and subdue it. He gave them every living thing for their benefit. He instructed them that they may use every herb which is upon the face of the Earth and every tree bearing fruit for their meat, and every beast of the field, and fowl of the air and everything that creepeth upon the Earth. What God has ordained to mankind government has no authority to deny to them.

Mankind was also given the right of Free Agency, wherein mankind possesses the right to chose for themselves how they will act, without force or compulsion from anyone. They may do what they want of their own free will and choice. There are of course natural laws which they shall not transgress; and, they cannot avoid the natural consequences of their choices. But they are free indeed to choose.

Government has no place dictating to mankind what they may or may not choose of their own free will and choice to consume, or how or when to use any useful thing upon the earth. This includes, but is not limited to, the herb marijuana, which has proven to have many healing qualities.

Action Plan

Stop “The War on Drugs” in Nevada. Nevada will not prosecute victim less crimes. Where there is no harm there is no victim, where there is no victim there is no crime, where there is no crime there can be no punishment. Nevada will recognize and honor freedom that belongs to all mankind to enjoy the bounteous benefits of the Earth at their own free will and choice. Nevada will not force People into undo obedience to artificial law.




The right to travel or the right of locomotion is a basic right. If a Man or Woman is not acting in commerce (Hauling Passengers for hire, goods for resale in interstate commerce, or a public servant in the performance of ones official duties). Someone merely acting in a Private capacity are free to carry out their endeavors in peace and without hindrance, delay or molestation as long as they are secure in their papers (passport) without a License. (Reference passport book paragraph one)

Action Plan

Pass legislation to acknowledge this right as it is already lawful and to educate and direct officers and agents in the performance of their duties.