Reduce taxpayer obligations


Parents pay taxes into the educational system regardless of where their kids learn. Therefore, any parent who finds a better alternative to the public school system is then penalized when they move their child to a private or home school because they are still forced to pay taxes into the government's school system! This mandatory taxation has been robbing The People of Nevada for far too long, causing centralization of power, and depleting opportunities in education. We cannot allow this to continue any longer.

Action Plan

I believe in liberating parents from unnecessary burdens. Therefore, the parent's money will follow the kids. If parents remove their kids from public schools, their obligation to pay taxes into the public school system will be removed as well. Parents can then use that money to enroll their child into the school of their choice, be it a private, charter, home, trade, or any other type of school.

Invigorate Free Markets


It's common knowledge that the government-run school system we have today is failing our children miserably. Nevada’s education has been rated 50th out of 50 in the Union. It's outdated, over-regulated, underfunded, and narrow minded. Our children are coerced into an inferior learning environment while their parents (and all taxpayers) are expected to overpay the government for their inadequate services.

Our centralized, mundane school system has turned into a mechanism for manipulative actors to assert control, lawsuits, and regulation onto The People and their children. It's time for change. The People deserve better. The People deserve free market education.

Action Plan

The Department of Education will refine its duties, leaving room for free markets to obtain a significant market share of the educational marketplace. The Department of Education will shift its focus to recognize business leaders so The People who seek better alternatives to the broken school system are directed towards the best opportunities possible.

Allowing state funding, allocated to the education of a student, to follow that student to whatever school the parent/student chooses will open up the window of opportunity for new private schools to come into existence. With parents holding the funds available to worthy education systems of private schools the free market system will produce many new schools of varying types to choose from. Education in Nevada will dramatically increase in quality.

Remove Public Schooling Requirements


The best learning is proactive learning. That's when someone eagerly invests their time and attention into the education they are absorbing. Today, our children are forced into prison-like learning centers where they are clumped together and coerced into learning a standardized curriculum.

Learning doesn't just happen when you walk into a school. Times have changed dramatically. Nowadays, most learning is done behind computer screens and that can be done anywhere at any time. A government-run school system is outdated, inefficient, and all but obsolete. It's time for change.

Action Plan

Government mandated school will no longer be mandated. The government can only recommend which information be taught to The People's children, but will no longer police attendance. Free markets will be allowed to thrive.


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