State Sovereignty



The first and foremost issue that plagues Nevada and the first issue that I intend to address as Governor is State Sovereignty.

Nevada has never been treated as an equal State in the Union with regards to the Original Thirteen States. It has been continually treated with little regard and has been treated as nothing more than a Territory. 

Our founding fathers understood that all future states would have to be equal to the original thirteen states in every regard or they would either not join the union or they would quickly revolt from it.

A state may be defined by the characteristics of the original thirteen state.  They each individually were separate, sovereign and independent states prior to joining together in a union.  Each state was in fact its own country, its own nation. Each state and her people owned all land within its borders.  As new states were formed, from territory belonging to the United States, each new state entered the Union on equal footing to the original thirteen states. Meaning that each new state possessed all the same rights, privileges, and characteristics as the original thirteen states, including the ownership and right to control all the land, and natural resources within its borders.

Nevada has from its inception been denied the blessings of being treated as an equal State in the Union.  Nearly 90% of the land within the borders of Nevada are being controlled by the federal government contrary to Constitutional principles and the equal footing doctrine. 

Action Plan

As Governor I will see to it that the land ownership dispute, between the federal government and the state government, be resolved in favor of Nevada’s People; that Nevada’s land and resources shall be made available for Nevadan’s benefit primarily; and, that Nevada be recognized as an equal State in every regard to the original thirteen states.


Judicial Reform


Judicial reform in Nevada is much more simple than it may first appear. The impacts of the current system are devastating and must be corrected immediately. A citizen in the United States is 12 times more likely to be put in prison than a citizen in communist China. The United States incarcerates nearly twice the amount of people than Russia incarcerates. It is hard to believe that 1 out of every 110 people living in the United States are behind bars. US citizens spend more money on their judicial system than the rest of the world combined, yet experience the highest prison return rate in the world. That doesn’t make any sense, does it? The United States current judicial system has become a system based upon justifying the high wages of judges and lawyers, filling jails and creating bureaucratic jobs; rather than a system to protect the rights of the people and restore the damages back to a victim. Nevada's incarceration rate is the 12th highest in America, nearly triple that of Maine.

Ryan Bundy 3.jpg

Justice is very simple, but Nevada, along with the other States, is fostering a system of incarceration that has proven to be the most expensive and the least effective way to try and bring about justice. Systems of incarceration do not work! Time has proven that judicial systems based upon restitution are the most inexpensive and most effective way to bring about TRUE JUSTICE.

Vote Ryan Bundy for Governor and watch Nevada drop to the lowest incarceration rate in the US, while enjoying a minimal crime rate. As Nevada’s Governor, I intend to change this by taking the following actions:

Action Plan

In accordance with the supreme law of the land I will cease federal courts from prosecuting crime, restricting federal courts to only the six jurisdictions they have been assigned to by Article III section 2 of the Constitution. All of which are civil. The trial of all crimes shall be in the State.

I will take the power to indict out of the hands of prosecutors by creating ethical boundaries between the Grand Jury and the prosecutors, as intended by our Founding Fathers. Allowing the Grand Jury to properly function independently as an investigative body before issuing an indictment.

Nevada will honor ALL rights belonging to the accused as protected by The bill of Rights, and truly treat the accused as innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Nevada will ensure that the right, of the accused, to a speedy trial is no longer violated.

End the corrupt practice of asset forfeiture prior to conviction. All property belonging to the accused shall remain in the ownership and possession of the accused until he/she is duly convicted of a true crime. Then only such amount my be seized from them to satisfy restitution to the victim.

I will eliminate the position of a government prosecutor and create a selection system of private law firms to prosecute crimes.  

Stop the prosecution of victim-less crimes – NO victim=NO crime.  Nether the State nor society may claim to be the victim. A victim shall only be a living soul who has incurred actual harm or injury by the perpetrator.

End the current “plea deal” process between prosecutors and public defenders; as this is always accomplished by fear, intimidation and coercion & stacking charges.  All cases will go to trial.

Ensure that fair trials be given to all by ending the practices of false prosecutoral witness, testimony and evidence and limiting defense witnesses and evidence from entering trials All trials will bring forth the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth.

All trials will be made public, open for all who desire to attend, film, or record. There shall be no secret hearings or protective [gag] orders preventing information about any case from being public.

Require all perpetrators to restore damages back to THE VICTIM, not the government, as corrective action rather than expensive, ineffective prison time that punishes the entire family unit and prevents the perpetrator from restoring his/her victim. 

End immunity for judges, lawyers and officers when they mislead, lie, or use deceptive and manipulative measures in court to wrongfully obtain convictions or otherwise act in bad behavior.  There will be no more biased judges allowed on the bench which will result in all trials being fair.

I will reinstate capital punishment for murders, violent rapist and adult child molesters.

I will purge the system of laws that do not conform to our constitutions and/or treaties, which are the Supreme Law, and that do not honor the rights of the natural Man, Woman, child and Family Unit.


Restore the Constitution


I have a personal passion for bringing back the American Constitution. Many laws today are being upheld while null and void because they contradict both the American and the Nevada Constitutions. As an innocent man in the prison system for 2 years I learned A LOT about the broken system that imprisons the innocent and fails to bring humane justice to the guilty. It's a lose-lose for The People, and a win-win for the executives in positions of political power. I have a personal interest, as should we all, to systemically right these wrongs.

Action Plan

All acts, agencies, and laws which are unconstitutional will be nullified by the state in accordance to the 10th amendment of The Constitution.


Drain the Swamp


"Where there is darkness, evil will grow". Our current government is shrouded in darkness and I am on a mission to inundate the entire organization with light. That includes transforming government with unavoidable communication, uncloudable transparency, and simplified structure.

If you’re content to continue having a governor who is only interested in his/her party’s agenda then keep voting for a democrat or republican; BUT, if you’re tired of getting the same old unpalatable dish served to you then stop voting by party. I offer you a way to change things, for the better, and I offer you a way to finally have a voice in everything that affects you.

The republican and democrat options in this election are NOT going to solve the problems of the Nevada government that exists today, because THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

Action Plan

When I am sworn into office, the first course of action will be to elect Department Directors who will serve the public's BEST interest. I will thin out government staff, replace questionable characters, and implement a system that automates the connection between the servants and The People.

There are many divisions within each department that are not necessary. Each director will be responsible for illuminating their department to the public. All staff members, their job descriptions, salaries, and budgets will be evaluated by me AND The Nevadan People for public scrutiny and approval/disaproval.