Pro Crypto


Cryptocurrency takes power away from the central banks and places it in the hands of The People. Blockchain Technology is a decentralized, global monetary system that is VASTLY superior to the current fiat currency system we have today.

All Americans who wish to "END THE FED" and the Federal Reserve's corrupt monopoly on US Dollar inflation will LOVE: (1) Blockchain, and (2) Cryptocurrency. They are two sides to the same coin and they bring checks, balances, mathematical limitations, and decentralized lezze faire global monetary systems into the hands of The People. These mathematical boundaries are proving to be efficient, fair, and fast! Ultimately, we see these unstoppable, global blockchain networks to be completely superior to our current fiat monetary system controlled by a central bank. It's also driving innovation across every industry!

Action Plan

Endorse favorable economic conditions for crypto entrepreneurs.

Encourage crypto influencers to visit Nevada and develop businesses.

Instruct the Director of the Department of Education to develop blockchain (technology) and cryptocurrency (finance) curriculums designed to teach all ages 12 and up.

Although Blockchain Technology allows bad actors to commit money laundering and fraudulent investment activity, that can't be stopped by any facility within Nevada's legal jurisdiction. Therefor, the only action we can take is pursue criminals when they've committed crime and educate those who are interested in thriving in the crypto space.

Blockchain Mecca


Blockchain technology is running nonstop every day of the year and will continue to do so indefinitely. Since Senator Ben Kieckhefer passed SB398 back in 2017, many crypto entrepreneurs have been flocking to Nevada (alongside the California border and within Las Vegas) to establish their crypto businesses. This trend looks to be picking up steam and Ryan Bundy has every intention of giving this innovative new technology a warm Nevada welcome.

Action Plan

Assign the Department Business & Industry, the Department of Education, the Department of Tourism & Cultural Affairs to education, incubate, and promote Nevada’s favorable cryptocurrency climate.

Nevada Insured Metals-backed Crypto


Metals-backed crypto is a continual topic within the crypto community. The common issue is auditability and insurance. If The People have confidence in the holders of the precious metals, then a token supply on the blockchain will ensure there is no longer the possibility for anyone to duplicate and/or double spend the notes.

Action Plan

The Secretary of State will be asked to work with the Governor’s Finance Office, the Department of Administration, the Department of Business & Industry, and the Department of Taxation to establish a unified support network for the establishment of State authorized and issued metals-backed cryptocurrency.