Ryan Bundy has placed these issues at the top of his priorities. He believes The People of Nevada will be most effectively liberated from the tyranny of oppressive government once these issues are resolved.



The metropolitan lighting system to day is operating with uncoordinated lighting system. The randomness of the next light change has drivers racing in order to catch the next light. Implementing a timed lighting system has been done in other states. It’s time we bring that innovation to Nevada.

Action Plan

Ryan Bundy will ensure the Director of the Department of Transportation implements it in Nevada (starting with the main arteries of Las Vegas).



The Las Vegas Valley is becoming very dense due to the increasing population. The increased population is causing complete stops on major highways during rush hour traffic hours. The population is expected to continue trending upwards. If we do nothing, the traffic system will only get worse.

Action Plan

The simple, cheap, and effective solution is to color code the clogged segments of metropolis highways. Three colors overcoating a small portion of Nevada’s black tar is a worthy experiment. Ryan Bundy’s Director of the Department of Transportation will be in charge of this project. Our goal is to ensure the left-most lane never stops.

action plan

The Bundy Team is hard at work developing the Governor's Action Plan. Our mission is to bring more progress to Nevada than the best 3 in our history combined! All donors who contribute the donation maximum of $10,000 will be sent commentators access to the entire list to collaborate, enjoy, and research. We look forward to discussing difficult issues with the bright allies.