Endorsers’ Transcripts


As an influencer in the limeline, endorsing someone else is a big deal. It’s trusting your reputation and credibility onto someone else. Their character and results then affect yours and it becomes a long-term bond of association. Therefore, only serious endorsements should only be made by those who wish to maintain strong influence within society.

This page contains verified documentation of all the influencers who endorse Ryan Bundy.

Ron Paul

Former Congressman (Texas) & Presidential Nominee


The following quote is a transcript of Ron Paul, posted on August 27th, 2018"

"Ryan Bundy knows first-hand how the federal government feels about our civil liberties. He was imprisoned for two years waiting for his trial on charges related to the Bundy Ranch standoff with federal authorities. The government side was found to have withheld evidence that could have been used in his defense, thankfully leading to a mistrial. Ryan Bundy is running for governor of Nevada because he is tired of government abuse, and I hope Nevadans will consider giving him their vote."

 – Ron Paul

Larry Klayman

Attorney & Nevada State Attorney General Nominee


The following quote is a transcript of Larry Klayman during a public tweet on August 28, 2018.

Richard Mack

Sheriff & Supreme Court Case winner


The following quote is a transcript of Sheriff Richard Mack during Liberty Roundtable Live podcast, recorded on August 24th, 2018 (4:45).

"Ryan called me and asked for my endorsement, and not only am I giving my endorsement, I committed to send him a donation and I'm going to do that, and I want everybody listening here to do the same.  We've got to get behind him financially and in every other way for his campaign.  I hope this campaign is the most successful one in America in 2018."

 – Sheriff Richard Mack

Daniel McAdams

Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute


The following quote is a transcript of Daniel McAdams during a public tweet on August 16, 2018.

Jason Shaw

Nevada Business owner 

Jason Shaw is the founder of Mesquite MX, located in Mesquite, Nevada.

Jason Shaw is the founder of Mesquite MX, located in Mesquite, Nevada.

Jason Shaw is the founder of The Smokin Gun Club, located in Mesquite, Nevada.

Jason Shaw is the founder of The Smokin Gun Club, located in Mesquite, Nevada.

The following quote is a transcript of Jason Shaw during a phone conversation with Cardiff Gerhardt on September 21, 2018.

"[Ryan Bundy is] Pro 2nd Amendment and he’s pro Rights. The BLM is not his friend and he’s not going to let BLM continue to just cut off The People off from their land. I support that 100%. So that’s why when I found out he was running for Governor, I said, “yeah, we need to support this guy.” I think that he would really work hard for people rather than for government. That’s one of the big reasons why I want our companies to endorse him.”

Sam Bushman

Host of Liberty RoundTable Live


The following quote is a transcript of Sam Bushman during Liberty RoundTable Live podcast, recorded on August 24th, 2018 (35:25).

"I'm writing an endorsement of Ryan Bundy for Governor right now.  I want to get this to Ryan along with my donation right now.  There you have that ladies and gentlemen."

 – Sam Bushman

Sam Bushman's direct endorsement:

"I, Sam Bushman, hereby officially endorse Ryan Bundy for Governor of Nevada.

After personal discussions, knowing him for years and my incredible, on-air radio interviews with Mr. Ryan Bundy and other family members, they have been found to be good, honest and wise Americans. Further, I am convinced Ryan’s valiant leadership in the sacred cause of liberty, demonstration of complete fidelity in his personal and public life, along with a true fundamental understanding of American principles, make him uniquely qualified for my endorsement as the next Governor of Nevada.

I personally encourage all Americans to come together and join him in “A Valiant Stand” to make America free again. After all, the issue is honesty.

It's about the company you keep. It's about moral leadership. The status quo has got to go."

 – Sam Bushman

donna Cox

Nye County Commissioner


The following quote is a transcript of Donna Cox , recorded on June 19th, 2018"

"Hi everybody out there, I'm Donna Cox and I'm Nye County Commissioner in Nye County, Nevada. We're basically Republicans here. I am a Republican. It's my second term now. I started my first term in January of 2013; second term in January of 2016.

During that time, Ryan Bundy and The Bundy Family have had some issues with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). Most people know what has happened there. They came to us in the past and asked for support, for which we did support them. We wrote 3 resolutions to help them with their battle against the BLM.

Now he's running for the governor of Nevada, which I don't think we could get a better candidate. We also have Adam Laxalt running, which I'm personally NOT happy about because he hasn't done a thing for Nye County in the time he's been [Attorney General], and he's not done a thing for the Bundy Family even though he was in a position [where] he could've helped them dramatically. Instead they were pretty much hung out to dry in our wonderful CCA prison [...] for over a year, and his father was there for over 2 years. So therefore, I am withdrawing any support that I've had for Adam Laxalt in the past..."

 – Donna Cox

Veterans in Politics


The following quote is a transcript of the Veterans in Politics team from an interview they released onto YouTube, which they posted on April 5, 2018.

"Ryan, it is with great pleasure that we present you the endorsement for Veterans in Politics International. We wish you the best of luck. Know that we have you 100%.".

- Christine