Words of Wisdom

The MOST IMPORTANT THING IS that whoever is appointed to the Supreme Court STANDS lock, stock and barrel for States Rights, State Sovereignty, the 9th and especially the 10th Amendment supreme laws of the land and State NULLIFICATION of all Powers and U.S. Government SPENDING usurped, those which are not authorized to the U.S. Gov under Article I Section 8 of The Constitution.

Trump stated that if Kavanaugh is not confirmed by the Senate, which BTW the 17th Amendment was NEVER RATIFIED by the States - thus Senators are supposed to be APPOINTED by the States NOT ELECTED by The People, he will have another selection WITHIN AN HOUR.

How do you know that Kavanaugh is not a throw away because Trump wants to DRAIN THE SWAMP, and persuade the States to State nullify all usurped Powers and Spending not "delegated" to the Upper or Lower House of Congress to facilitate THE DRAINING of ALL the U.S. Government Agencies and Bureaus that are explicitly prohibited from even existing or spending money IN PURSUANCE thereof the TENTH Amendment supreme law of the land?

And, return all IRS stolen money back to We The People and our States IN COMPLIANCE with the many SCOTUS rulings that Income Taxes DO NOT APPLY to the vast majority of the American people? Because ALL of our IRS stolen wages, salaries and property are used on Powers and Spending "reserved to the States respectively, or to the people". - Tenth Amendment Law

Captain Karl Koenigs