Words of Wisdom

How is Ryan going to State Nullify, IN PURSUANCE of The Rule of Law? He is "Duty Bound" according to the Founding Fathers if the people of Nevada freak out, when he is doing his duty, and using State and local Law Enforcement, backed by the AMFF, to perform Article I Section 8 clause 15 of The Constitution to "Execute The Laws Of The Union." Meaning The Tenth Amendment Law, by States Rights and Sovereignty and arrest FEDcoats of all the Agencies and Bureaus he State nullifies in pursuance with The Law, along with State nullifying all Withholding Taxes, Income Taxes and Employer Taxes IN COMPLIANCE with The Supreme Court of The United States?

To not run on The Law and expect to do that, and thus to AVOID the WAR, is a Pipe Dream only supported by Normalcy Bias, Cognitive Dissonance and "Conservative" like I was my whole Life until I became friends with the top Republicans who admitted to me that they "BUY votes and Corporate campaign donations" using our own IRS "stolen" wages, salaries and property.

Paul the Socialist Ryan admitted that TO MY FACE in a private moment, just before we went on stage together at our Madison WI State Capitol. I stood right behind him on stage before 10,000 of my fellow WI TEA Party colleagues. If I had a knife, so help me God, I would have been Brutus!

Captain Karl