Ammon Bundy on Judicial Reform

Judicial reform in Nevada is much simpler than it may first appear. The impacts of the current system are devastating and must be corrected. A citizen in the United States is 12 times more likely to be put in prison than a citizen in communist China. The United States incarcerates nearly twice the amount of people than Russia. It is hard to believe that 1 out of every 110 people living in the Unites States are behind bars. US citizens pay more money on their judicial system than the rest of the world combined, yet experience the highest prison return rate in the world. Doesn’t make much sense does it? The United States current judicial system has become a system based upon justifying the high wage of judges and lawyers, filling jails and creating bureaucratic jobs; rather than a way to protect the rights of the people and restore the damages back to a victim. Nevada's incarceration rate is the 12th highest in America, nearly triple that of Maine. As Nevada’s Governor, Ryan Bundy intends to change this by doing the following:  


  • Take the power to indict out of the hands of prosecutors by creating ethical boundaries between the Grand Jury and the prosecutors. Allowing the Grand Jury to properly function independently as an investigative body before issuing an indictment.

  • Honor ALL rights belonging to the accused as protected by the bill of rights, and treating the accused as innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Ensuring that speedy trial belongs to the accused.

  • Eliminate the position of government prosecutor and create a selection system of private law firms to prosecute crimes.  

  • Stop the prosecution of victim-less crimes – NO victim NO crime.  Nether the state nor society can be the victim. A victim can only be a living soul who has incured actual harm from the perpetrator.

  • End the current “plea deal” process between prosecutors and public defenders.  All cases will go to trial.

  • Require all perpetrators to restore damages back to the victim as punishment rather than expensive, ineffective, personal damaging prison time. 

  • End immunity for judges, lawyers and officers when they mislead, lie, or use deceptive and manipulative measures in court to wrongfully obtain convictions or otherwise act in bad behavior.  All trials will be fair.

  • Reinstate capital punishment for violent murders, adult child molesters and violent rapists. 

  • Purge the system of laws that do not conform to our constitutions and treaties, Known as supreme law, and that do not honor the rights of the natural Man / Woman and Family Unit.

Justice is very simple, but Nevada along with the other States are fostering a system of incarceration that has proven to be the most expensive and the least effective way to try and bring about justice. Systems of incarceration do not work! Time has proven that judicial systems based upon restitution are the most inexpensive and most effective way to bring about TRUE JUSTICE.

Vote Ryan Bundy for Governor and watch Nevada drop to the lowest incarceration rate in the US, while enjoying a minimal crime rate.