Did "Loyal Republican" and "Laxalt Informant" Sabotage Bundy?

Yes, you read correctly! All the evidence has been copied into this Google Drive Folder, for anyone to review. The Nevada Investigations Division was notified on August 11, 2018 (Saturday). There is still no response to date...

Could you please check up on case number 20,180,181 by calling the Investigations Division in Las? I think those public servant need a few people to influence their priorities on our behalf. Their number is:
(702) 432-5223
Thank you :)

Quick Summary

  1. Ryan Bundy applied for the governor election on March 14th.

  2. Ron Lauer joined the Bundy campaign "in the Spring".

  3. Bundy signed a contract that gave Lauer 20% of all Bundy's donations.

  4. Rob Lauer obtained control over Bundy's website domain and the donation account linked within, which was responsible for collecting 100% of Bundy's campaign donations.

  5. Lauer quietly kept all Bundy's donation funds for MONTHS!!!

  6. @CryptoCardiff finds Bundy as the answer to end #PedoGate (which is very prevalent where he lives) and earns a role as Bundy's Campaign Manager.

  7. Cardiff engages Lauer to build great cohesion around Team Bundy and realizes Lauer is aggressive, resistant, secretive, deflective, negligent, and divisive.

  8. Lauer goes full "Wormtongue" on Bundy, but Cardiff provides too much value to Bundy and he can't help but side with Cardiff.

  9. Cardiff digs into the past of Lauer and sources enough information to validate an investigation for deception, fraud, and sabotage.


  • Rob Lauer ran for Secretary of State as a Republican in 2010.

  • Rob Lauer released an article in 2016 proclaiming his loyalty to the Republican Party.

  • Rob Lauer failed to uphold his duty of loyalty to Bundy by failing to act in paying Bundy his donation funds within any reasonable time frame.

  • Rob Lauer brought up "Laxalt informant" in a phone conversation which prefaced the 7 images of a group text conversation, stored in our Investigations (Google Drive) folder.

Our Conclusions

Wormtongue to Saruman.gif
  • Lauer is a Repugnican Swamp Creature.

  • Laxalt is a Repugnican Swamp Creature.

  • Lauer made a black market deal with the Repugnican Party to gain favor and agreed to become a Laxalt Informant, sabotaging Bundy's campaign by signing illegitimate contracts with obvious breaches in conflict of interest, and poorly managing fiscal accounts.

  • Laxalt illegitimately gained a favoring endorsement from Trump during the primaries by recruiting informants to sabotage his opposition.

Rohan King Cured.gif


Once Bundy discovered the sabotage, swift action was taken. He was cured of the powerlessness inflicted by Lauer's poor fiscal management. While much time was lost, hope still remains.. We are going to win!


We got you, buddy. You're going down!

Gandolf cures Rohan King.gif