To The People of Nevada

As a child I spent most of my free time romping and playing in the outdoors with my family. I was born and raised in Cedar City, Utah. My family was comprised of mostly boys. I have four brothers and I am the only daughter. So naturally, we spent a lot of our time hunting, fishing, and camping public lands. My mom, a Home Economics teacher, saw to it that I learned all the wonderful characteristics of being a woman; while, my dad taught all five of us children how to shoot, trap, hunt and fish. I think of my childhood with so much fondness. As an adult I think back. I can see and appreciate how well rounded my upbringing was. I would even go so far as to say my childhood was charmed.

Angela Ryan Bundy hug.jpg

I met Ryan when I was 19 years old. Ironically, I was already engaged to a wonderful young man who was away on a mission. So, a relationship with Ryan was impossible; however, that didn’t stop Ryan from pursuing my attention full throttle. Over the course of our friendship, Ryan and I became very close friends and we spent a lot of time together. My engagement ended and soon I began to see all the qualities of my dream husband in Ryan.

Ryan and I started designing what we wanted our lives to be and we began to successfully create it together. That’s exactly what we have accomplished and what binds us together each day and throughout eternity. We are soul mates, and I don’t mean that as a cliché, there is nowhere else in this world I’d rather be than standing side by side with Ryan.

I was right about Ryan. He turned out to be a pillar of strength for our family and, still to this day he is the reason, in my life, that the world keeps spinning. After 20 years of marriage, Ryan still pursues me like when we first met; and, I still find him as exciting as I did when I was 19 years old. Although life itself hasn’t always been easy, it has always been easy to be Ryan’s wife and that’s a role I’d never relinquish willingly.

In 2014 Ryan moved our family to Nevada when his family literally came under assault by the federal government. In the weeks prior to the “standoff” the kids and I were present at the rallies and we were all amazed at the support the Bundy family was receiving. I was bringing the kids to the “standoff” at the same time the BLM was vamping up their military aggression and threatening to shoot the people. Ryan quickly called me and asked me to turn around and take the children home. Ryan feared for our lives and the life of the unborn child I was carrying. There was no way we were ever leaving Nevada after the outpouring of love and support we received from our fellow Nevadans and people from many other states. We will forever owe the people that supported us, some more than others.

The problems didn’t end there for our Bundy family and Ryan was soon off to see what he and his brother Ammon could offer to the beloved Hammond family of Burns, Oregon. As most people already know so much about why and what our husbands were doing in Harney County I’d rather tell you what was happening on the home front.

Although I didn’t immediately realize it, on January 26, 2016 my world would unknowingly turn on its side. Even as bad as it all seemed, Ryan managed to keep it from turning upside down. That fateful day the federal government shot my husband and murdered LaVoy Finicum in cold blood; and, the murderers hauled everyone off to be locked up.

The children were inconsolable until the leaders of our church came and prayed over them. Our home is always centered on prayer; it’s what grounds us. Prayer is always Ryan’s answer to everything and I thank God for that. It took three long and worrisome days to hear from Ryan. It was heartbreaking to hear him cry, not for himself, but for the loss of his dear friend LaVoy. I assumed he would be home within days, on bail, and I could help him with his broken heart and his grief. Little did I know that the government would deny Ryan, and almost everyone, that Constitutional right.

While incarcerated for almost two years Ryan remained the head of the family, he never once put us second even though he was fighting for his life with his hands literally tied behind his back. Every evening he praised or corrected the kids as needed and then he prayed with and over them. Ryan helped me handle all the finances and told me of ways to make money and how to properly administer what we had to work with. It was such a comfort to me, this constant reminder, that I still had my partner and they could never take that away from me.

Not only could they not take Ryan from me; but, they could not take our faith either. God sent us so much more than just donations, he sent us great people too. We found ourselves surrounded by a support team that was from the entire fabric of The United States of America. Of course, there was considerable local support too. This is one of those times where we, as a family, can honestly say, “We owe you Nevada and America”; and, we believe we can pay you back for all you have done for us.

The Bundy Family presents our very best we have to offer you; and, that is for Ryan to walk into the office of the Nevada Governor and for you to allow him to serve you, Nevada, with as much loyalty and vigor as you served our family during our trials.

It’s the least we can do…

Kindest regards,
- Angela Bundy